What steps are you taking?

A dog will naturally chase a car with the intention of pouncing on it or biting the car but once the car stops the dog just keeps running round the car without being able to do anything,such is a man who gets an opportunity but cannot work with it.

so also are a lot of us, we see what we want, we desire it, but when it is time for us to take action and get it we become like the dog going round it without actually knowing how to pounce and conquer.

The moment you put a limit to what you are doing, you will not excel past that point.

It takes a lot of discipline to be successful, be intentionally deliberate with what you want, be focused, be disciplined.

consistency is key, success is hidden behind efforts

Note: the difference between an Eagle and a Vulture is appetite.

An Eagle will never be seen with a dead carcass, it is calculative and very assertive, it hunts with precision and flies the topmost height, a vulture on the other hand is opposite.

. What do you hunger for Poverty or Wealth
.Lack or Abundance
What drives you?what motivates you? what pushes you towards success?

Have a winners attitude,start by having a good day, feel prosperous,even if it is not there the universe will correspond and manifest.

whatever thought has done in your life it could be undone through a shift in your awareness.

until you are angry with your present condition, you are not permitted to leave that spot.


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