Create the possibility, then create the strategy.


To win at anything worthwhile you must have a game plan.

At a point in my life I never thought some things were possible.

I was working yes, I was making money yes, but still I was limited. I am sure you are wondering if there is money why will I be limited? Right.

You see I just couldn’t imagine some things. It was like been locked up, not knowing I could take a step further and keep taking it.

Our default thinking ordinarily limits our options, stifles our creativity and try to prevent us from seeing what exist for us.

🎯I have seen people who have money but never ever thought of it that they could build their own house. Surprised” yes it happens.

🎯I have seen people who have money but have no plans as to what to do with it.

🎯I have seen people with great ideas but have no idea of how to make it work.

🎯I have seen people who just sleep and wake up and take the day as it come, yet keep complaining of things not working.

You see the mind plays a great role in how far we would go in life. Your mind could limit you and at the same time set you free.

So it becomes a game of conquer or be conquered.

A lot of people have been conquered by their minds because they had no game plan. It’s like been on the field and running in circles, seeing the goal post but not knowing how to or if you should shoot your ball in to get a win.

You don’t have a game plan if…

❌You tell yourself it’s not possible because you don’t know how to proceed from point A to B.

❌If you don’t see yourself achieving that goal or getting to that peak of your career.

❌If You hide behind the shadow when you are supposed to be a light.

❌If You make excuses for not getting that which you want.

❌You see others living the life you desire and yet you remain trapped doing nothing about it.

I have also been through it and I know how it feels.

The first thing you need to do is to……

💢Empty yourself. Yes…. Purge yourself, release yourself from your limitations.

💢Begin to see what you want. Get a scenario thinking. If you can see it, you can get it.
You need to start seeing multiple alternative and react quickly in response to opportunities.

💢Discipline your self to see multiple options, anticipate the future, adjust your plans and decision in response to real time events.

💢Banish fear. Very key… Fear stops us cold. Don’t be emotional and reactive instead be creative and practical.

💢Determine your outcome… Remember the stakes are high. Spend time on preparation, make sure you focus on ideas and outcomes not how or if you will achieve it.

💢Create your options…always know that things may not go as planned so consider and create possibilities and then identify ways to move ahead.

To survive you need strong mental attitude. There are only two forces in life the sword and the spirit but in the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. So remain strong no matter what comes.

Life doesn’t always come in full package, but you have been give a choice to pick what you want.

It’s like having a blank check..you write and determine what you want.

You are a key player, the world is your field. Play it well, play it fast, keep scoring.

Have a game plan, master your game. Keep scoring.

You are made for more.


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