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The PROMOS Scholarship program is supported by the mobility program for a maximum of four months for each BA or MA study session. Full-time student mobility (including study abroad, internships, and research projects) is possible anywhere in the globe. A one-time contribution of 500 euros per course, in addition to the four months, may be used for a language- or subject-related course.

Only University of Bremen students who are enrolled to earn a degree may apply. Home country measures are not included. Countries that have received a travel advisory from the German Foreign Office are omitted. Only if the administrative duty is formally at the University of Bremen at the time of application are students in a joint degree program entitled to apply, according to the Office for Student Affairs.

The PROMOS Scholarship program helps students with their international studies, internships, and language immersion. Doctoral students may occasionally qualify for financial aid in the form of partial scholarships. Countries that have received a travel advisory from the German Foreign Ministry are excluded. A student’s home country’s policies cannot be endorsed.

The monthly budget for studies, writing theses, and internships is 350 euros, and in some countries, it can reach 550 euros.

Only initiatives (such as IAESTE, yearly DAAD scholarships, etc.) for which there is no particular DAAD financing stream are supported. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) bestows the grant.

Eligibility for the PROMOS Scholarship program

  • Study Scholarships (1 to 4 months)

Support is available for both the writing of final theses and full-time study stays. Candidates for doctoral degrees are ineligible for this program. Additionally, it is not possible to assume the cost of subsidies or tuition in the Erasmus region. No courses may be taken simultaneously in the host country when a student is preparing their final thesis at a university. If the theses are not anchored at colleges or businesses, the motivation letter must include a comprehensive and legally obligatory work schedule.

  • Internships (6 weeks to 4 months)
  1. In general, full-time student internships outside the Erasmus region are eligible for funding on a global scale. The PROMOS program does not sponsor internships that fall under one of the distinct DAAD financing categories.
  2. As an exception, PROMOS may finance internships during the time between receiving a bachelor’s degree and the beginning of a master’s program. The condition is that there must be documentation of prior acceptance to the Master’s program or another link to the German university.
  • Language courses (3 weeks to 4 months)
  1. The one-time payment of 500 euros may be used to pay for full-time language programs for undergraduate and graduate students at public and private universities overseas, providing the programs last at least 25 hours per week.
  2. You can get details regarding language programs at international universities at
  • Subject-related courses (up to 6 weeks)
  • Students and doctoral students may get a flat-rate subsistence allowance or a 500 euro per person subsidy to attend subject-related courses (such as summer courses) offered by foreign universities.

Students who have a disability (at least 50%) are eligible to apply for extra support, but only if it will be used to pay for expenses incurred overseas.

PROMOS and Auslands – BAföG / Other scholarships

PROMOS are available in the form of a partial scholarship plus a one-time course cost for an additional language or specialty course for a total of four months per study session.

All other scholarship donors must also be informed about the PROMOS application and PROMOS funding.

Students must also specify this in their PROMOS application and at the BAföG office if they are seeking support from BAföG or another source. The International Bafögstelle will settle the account if necessary.

PROMOS scholarships and DAAD individual scholarships cannot be used together.

PROMOS and the Deutschlandstipendium may be purchased concurrently without limitations.

Scholarships may be earned not just from PROMOS, but also from other private scholarship donors, but not from other governmental funds. Other public monies, which PROMOS does not control, may also be used to pay for travel expenses.

Application Deadlines

Applications may only be submitted once by the specified deadline. Applications that are late or incomplete will not be taken into consideration.

Deadline for the submission of applications:

  • October 31 (“Halloween”), for students beginning their study abroad between January 1 and June 30 of the next academic year (for instance, if your study abroad begins on May 15, 2023)
  • Feb. 28 for all students beginning their study abroad program on or after July 1st, 2023

Place of PROMOS Scholarship Program Application

Each department has a PROMOS-Coordinator, to whom the online MobilityOnline application must be sent.

You may find the PROMOS-Coordinators list in the download section on the right.

Applications must be completed and submitted by the deadline. Everyone must always apply in their department, even if exchange positions from another department are utilized.

Even if you are accepting an exchange post from a different department, you may only submit a single PROMOS application for each activity, always through your major subject. All duplicate applications will be rejected to maintain equality of opportunity.

The main subject in a dual-subject bachelor’s program is the one shown on the enrollment certificate when there are two main courses with the same name. The nomination lists are created by the PROMOS representatives in the departments and delivered to the International Office along with a jury. As a result, the International Office distributes the scholarships and emails the grants to each scholarship recipient.

Please be aware that each action requires the submission of a complete application. As a result, if you want to apply for a language course followed by an exchange semester, for instance, two applications must be made.

Please click the “Access to the Application Portal Mobility Online” link to access the online application portal, which will be available 4 weeks before the deadline.

If you experience any technical issues when applying online, please get in touch with us at

The most essential selection standards are:

  • Academic achievements (grade report)
  • Meaningfulness of the prepared to stay abroad
  • Foreign language skills

PROMOS Scholarship Program Applications Documents

Before the deadline, ALL applications must be filed electronically and ALL necessary documents must be posted via the online portal. In addition to applying online, students may be required, upon request from the departmental representative, to provide a paper copy or email to the PROMOS-Coordinators.

Please make sure to read all instructions before beginning the application form.

The application consists of the following documents:

  • Language certificate (minimum B2 in the language of instruction. You may get a language certificate at the SZHB)
  • Current enrolment certificate at University Bremen
  • Letter of motivation, maximum 2 pages
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcripts of academic records (for example PABO-/FlexNow)

Before the application deadline, all applicants must confirm with the Promos-Coordinator in their home department whether further paperwork is needed and whether it should be submitted electronically or on paper.

The earliest possible submission of our “Preliminary Confirmation of Acceptance from the Host Institution” page is required. No later than four weeks before the commencement of the official mobility period, it may be uploaded after the application.

Any financial assistance from the employer and/or compensation received in the case of an internship abroad must be disclosed.

No project changes after the application deadline will be considered. The scholarship expires automatically and without notice in the event of a change.


The International Office will award all PROMOS scholarships in December and April.

The nominations of PROMOS representatives in the departments serve as the foundation for this.

The DAAD group insurance is available to all students participating in the PROMOS award. Health, accident, and personal liability insurance are all included in this overseas insurance. The DAAD insurance office can be contacted at for more information.

Visit the university’s official website by clicking here.

Application Deadline

31 October 2023

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