*No Pain No Gain*

When my sister had her first child I loved the child so much that I couldn’t wait to have mine.
The baby was so adorable.

Fast forward I got married and became pregnant.
I was so excited that I was going to be a mother, then I started Antenatal.
I started reading books about babies, started eating fruits snapping pictures of myself, joined some Facebook groups just to learn.

When my EDD was approaching, I started reading and researching on things that will help ease labour pains.
I read about Pineapples, hmm I started eating Pineapples like my life depended on it.
I started squatting and tapping into testimonies of women that had no labour pains.

On the the day when the labour started small small, I was like if this is what it is we can take it.
I didn’t know the main labour was doing press up.

As the main thing started,😭😭 I off cloth, removed pant, when I went naked I didn’t know 🙆🙆🙆
I shouted, I coursed, I cried, the sorry from the nurses was irritating me.

At a point I taught I was going to run mad, I felt like dying, I didn’t want the baby again I just wanted the pains to go away, I shouted till there was no saliva in my mouth.
Then at a point I started shouting.
I am not doing again.

Then the doctor that was checking me will reply “You will do again” Everybody will laugh.

Fast forward to when I was to push the baby, the mid wife said to me, the pain of losing a child or not having one is more than what you are going through now, once I ask you to push please push nobody will push out your baby for you and don’t push until you are asked to push.

Push like your life depends on it, Then after Pushing twice, the third time she shouted give this your best, you can do this.
Then I pushed so hard and Fiam see my baby.
Instantly the pains left, the cry of my baby was so precious to me.

The next morning the doctor came to me and said Madam “will you do again?”🤣🤣🤣.

You must be wondering why am sharing this story.

This is for you who just started a business, project etc newly and at the initial stage you are excited about your new business etc.
You have given yourself a target that if you do this and that in the next couple of months you are a millionaire 🤣🤣🤣.

Then all of a sudden the reality begins to set in you get the NOOss, You are rejected and it seems you made a big mistake starting in the first place.

You saw the results of other people but you didn’t see the pains they went through, you just want the results.

And you are shouting like me while in labour : I am not doing again because you want the results but definitely not the pains, stress and the emotional torture.

I am telling you, you can’t give up now, the pain of remaining at a spot is more than the pain you are going through, so you must push because nobody will push it for you..
When the results come, you will forget the pain and it will worth the whole pain.

*Giving up is not an option…b/c if you don’t give up, you must go up.*

*PAIN is the down payment for GAIN and Joy*

JUST KEEP PUSHING, very soon the Successful shall call you a Success!!👏👏👏👏🤝🤝🌹

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