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Good Networkers don’t join a biz without setting a GOAL. They understand dt dey will face a lot of challenges and obstacles wen dey join a biz so dey always set GOALS inorder to keep dem focused and fully determined to achieve dt GOAL no matter what discourages dem along d line. So you ought to learn how to set GOALS and TARGETS: Goals has to do with what u want to achieve within a given period of time which could be after few weeks, months or years while TARGETS could be a very short-term goal u set dt will enable u to achieve ur main GOAL. For instance, I may set a GOAL dt I want to make 200k trons from FORTRON in a space of 2months while my daily TARGETS could be to make at least 3,000 trons everyday. So u see dt your success in any biz is highly dependent on your GOALS and TARGETS. If you are not meeting ur daily TARGETS, it may be difficult for u to achieve ur main GOAL.

It is lack of GOAL SETTING dt makes so many ppl hu join a network marketing biz to just give up few days or week after dey join because of little challenges dey face. You cannot be doing a biz without setting any GOAL and u expect to SUCCEED in it.

When you set a TARGET, sometimes you will find it difficult to SLEEP bcoz you are yet to meet dt TARGET. So I want everyone to set a TARGET on d amount of trons dey want to be making everyday and d amount of trons dey want to Ave made in a month. If possible, take a pen and paper and jot down dis ur GOALS and TARGETS and be determined to meet up with dem. This will go a long way to enable u succeed.

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