An obstacle which is also called a barrier or stumbling block is anything that causes an obstruction from performing a task.

Nobody sets out with a plan to fail, but people often allow obstacles to get in their way of achieving success. Obstacles are put in the way to determine whether what you want is worth fighting for.

It is a test of fate, any obstacle you are going through is specifically designed to bring out the best version of yourself if you manage it very well. But the problem is, do we manage our problem well? Sometimes, we keep asking God why questions.

That is why people keep getting depressed and some end up in mental illness because it’s too overwhelmed for them.

Life is not always smooth all the time as we always think when we are growing up, at some point in life, you must meet challenges that will throw you off balance, the aim is to shape your old self and bring out the best in you but the process is too difficult to bear.

Nothing good comes easy but the good news is that in every obstacle, God had already provided a way of escape.

There is no such thing as an easy way to good succeed. Every path you choose to follow has its own obstacles that you need to overcome. The obstacles you face at every stage of your life has a purpose.

It keeps you on your feet, motivates you to thrive harder, and causes your mind to begin to figure out a way around it.

When Virgin Maria was told by an angel that She will be born Jesus Christ, her problem started from that moment.

How will she explain to people that she is pregnant from the holy spirit, imagine what was going on in her mind and after Jesus was born, her problems lingered till God finishes His plan in their life and today everybody is rejoicing with her, it was not easy for her to pass through those processes to become who she is today?

Everybody that became great today in the bible went through problems and overcome them.

Obstacles are not to be considered as STOP SIGNS that need to be avoided, they need to be confronted and overcome because they offer a whole new perspective of growth and success.

Sometimes, those obstacles are blessing in disguise. But in today’s life, everybody wants an easy life though people like to give testimony nobody wants to go through tribulations to overcome.

You can never become great while trying to avoid problems because you are too innocent to be blessed, sometimes, those obstacles are a gateway for you to impact lives around the world and to heal or make people that are going through the same thing to become whole again.

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