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  • Floxyijeoma

    10/11/2020 at 4:57 pm

    Hello. Good evening all. Am back with my writing. This time, it’s about delicacy.

    As the saying goes: “better soup, na money kill am.” The delicacy ekpang nkukwo is a delicacy eaten by the people of Akwa Ibom state and south Cross River state.

    This delicacy is prepared with cocoyam, cocoyam leaves, periwinkles, crayfish, fresh pepper, onion, pumpkin leaves, palm oil, fish, maggi cube.


    Peel the cocoyam, wash it with clean water, grate it into a clean bowl. Wash your cocoyam leaves and cut it into tiny pieces for wrapping your grated raw cocoyam.

    When you are through, wash your pot and place it on fire to boil. While boiling, pick the dirts out of your crayfish and pound the crayfish. Pound your pepper too and turn both into the boiling water. Now slice your onion and cover it. Wash your roasted or dried fish. If the fish is raw, cook it and turn it into the pot. Allow it to cook very well.

    After 15 minutes, add your wrapped cocoyam and allow it to cook for 15 minutes to be well cooked. After 5 minutes, add your palm oil. Stir it very well to avoid the food burning at the bottom of the pot for 5 minutes. Now add your sliced onion into the pot together with half a hand of pumpkin leaves. Bring it down after 3 minutes.

    Ekpang nkukwo is ready. Enjoy and thank me later. Hope to read your comments. Connect with me to read more of my posts. Thanks for reading and applying it.

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