First become a great person

*First become a great person*

“If everyone was satisfied with themselves, there would be no heroes”
—– *Mark Twain*

This year is finally over today. Find time to look back and reflect on how you have related with your Creator, the people and things around you. Show some real concern and give thanks to God for 2020 and prepare to be great in the coming year. This is so because “greatness on the outside begins within.”

People can not be ridiculously great in their work lives, emotional and spiritual lives until they first feel ridiculously great within their inner lives.
You can not energise anyone around you if you have no energy yourself. And it is not really possible to make others feel good about themselves until you are feeling really, really good yourself.

Therefore make the time to train, practice, prepare and strengthen your inner person to become great this coming year.

Good morning dear, wish you the best in your chosen spirit. Happy new year all.

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