EADA Business School – EADA Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 25 – 50% discount on tuition fees
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate Studies

The EADA Business School in Barcelona is a private university in 1984, and it offers different programs in MBA and graduate studies. EADA scholarships are given to international students who excel academically. These scholarships are merit-based, and once you’ve become an awardee, you’ll be assigned to contribute to a project.

To start your application, go to the official website of the school and select your program. In every program, they have a designated tab for a scholarship. You’ll start your application there. Documents such as application forms to fill out needed will be found on their website. Usually, they will require you to submit an admission, introduction, and recommendation letter. You will also need to present your enrollment papers.

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