DNA Test: 5 things DNA test fit reveal about di identity of a child and how much DNA test cost in Nigeria

As DNA testing don become common, plenti pipo fit no sabi say apart from paternity test, e get oda things wey DNA testing fit reveal about individual.


According to DNA sabi pesin wey follow BBC Pidgin tok, di most common use of DNA for Africa na to find out who be di real papa to a child but dis na just one out of di many things dem fit use DNA testing for.


Dr Ayodele Adeniyi wey be di CEO of Paternity Test Nigeria say “Pipo no dey fit pay dat kain big moni if no be to check whether na dem be di father of a child”.


“But no be only paternity test we dey do DNA testing for. E get many things wey DNA dey reveal about di identity of a child,” he tok.


DNA testing and wetin e dey reveal


DNA paternity test wey dem dey usually take from di cheek swab, go reveal if one man be another pesin biological father.

DNA Maternity test, go let you trace your ancestry back to your biological mother, her mother, and her mother going back for sake of clarity

DNA Sibling test go let you know whether your and your sibling dey share di same parent.

Di Y-DNA test wey dem dey only give to men, dey trace DNA back through di patrilineal ancestry (basically from father to grandfather to great grandfather).

Unlike oda test wey focus on one side of di lineage, Autosomal test fit get you quality genetic information going back about four or five generations. you fit get informate going back farther about your family structure.

Anoda thing wey DNA fit reveal na whether pesin get hereditary disease. According to di National Cancer Institute, some genetic tests fit provide pipo wit informate about whether dem get hereditary cancer. Dis one include certain types of breast cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, and sarcoma. One well-known cancer-related mutation wey DNA fit check for na di BRCA 1/BRCA 2 gene mutation.

Wetin to know about DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid, wey dem dey call DNA, na one complex molecule wey contain all of di informate necessary to build and maintain an organism.


Dem dey use DNA determine di real parents or di lineage of any individual.


All living things get DNA within dia cells. E dey serve as di primary unit of heredity in organisms of all types.


E mean say if any organism reproduce, dem go pass one portion of dia DNA to dia offspring. Dis transmission dey make sure say e get certain level of continuity from one generation to di next,


Why DNA tests dey important


E fit help gain legal rights to child support, child custody, Social Security benefits and inheritance.


And e fit Identify links to genetic conditions wey fit affect your long-term health.


How much be DNA test?


Dr Ayodele Adeniyi of Paternity test Nigeria say e get different type of DNA test and di price dey different


Peace of Mind DNA Test: Dis one na individual testing and e dey cost about #100,000 ($289) plus #50,000 extra for any extra pesin wey dey run di test for a particular purpose. E mean say if two fathers wan run test with one child dem go pay about #150,000.


Legal Testing: Dis testing na mostly for di purpose of child support, social inheritance, immigration or any oda legal case. Dr Ayodeji say dis kain DNA testing dey cost about #160,000 ( $595) and e fit increase depending on di circumstance wey surround di testing.



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