One who CREATES the opportunity is BRILLIANT. One who GETS the opportunity is FORTUNATE. One who CAPITALIZES on the opportunity is the WINNER.
Money is a seed, Don’t eat all your seeds, Plant some of those seeds when they mature, eat from your harvest and repeat the process. Wealth is not a jackpot, you don’t wake up one morning and meet wealth, rather, you deliberately plant it , water it and wait for it to grow. Then remember to always repeat the process for it to continue to flow. Poverty Is Like A Virus. If Nothing Is Done About It, It Spreads To The Next Generation. 👉🏻FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!

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When *MIND* is *weak*, a situation becomes *PROBLEM*, When *MIND* is *balanced* the situation becomes a *CHALLENGE*, But when *MIND* is *strong* that situation becomes…


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