Argelander Scholarships at University of Bonn in Germany 2021

The University of Bonn is taking applications for the Argelander Scholarships for Doctoral students from developing nations in Germany for the 2021/22 school session.

The objective of the Argelander Scholarships is to offer funding for doctoral students from nations in the Global South. This is to promote scientific exchange with partners, especially in regions that have been comparatively marginalized as regards scientific production. So as to promote global cooperation in the priority regions specified in the partnership strategy, the school is particularly calling on doctoral applicants from Africa, South America and Asia to take part. The funding is for a period of a minimum of 3 months and not more than 12 months.

This funding line is aimed to strengthen collaborations between scientists in Bonn and their associates in the above-stated regions. It also looks to enlarge such partnerships with respect to the advancement of early-career researchers. When the application is handed in, a formal or informal partnership agreement should prior to now exist between the home institute of the doctoral applicant and the host institute in Bonn. The host researchers in Bonn function as applicants.

The University of Bonn was established in 1818 and is one of Germany’s most key institution of higher education. As a place of learning to more than 38,000 scholars, it enjoys an exceptional reputation both at home and overseas. It is one of the world’s foremost research-focused schools and, thus, it is no surprise that it functions on a global level. Established more than 200 years ago, the University of Bonn is among Germany’s most acknowledged institutions for research and higher learning. It is located in the center of Europe and globally famous for top-level science, research-oriented study programs and a global flair.

Worth of Argelander Scholarships at University of Bonn

The funding can provide the following: A

  • travel allowance (based on nations of origin).
  • Scholarship sum of € 1,500 each month (extra funds for accompanying family members: up to € 300 for a partner and € 250 per child).
  • research expense stipend of up to € 300 each month that can be submitted to the International Office after the scholarship award has been granted. Information on submitting application for the stipend will be offered with your scholarship award.

Note that insurance coverage are not added in the scholarship award and the International Office cannot offer accommodation for scholarship beneficiaries.

Eligibility for Argelander Scholarships at University of Bonn

Preference is afforded to doctoral applicants pursuing a doctoral degree program at a university or a research institute in the above-mentioned nations. Doctoral students who are already pursuing their PhD at the University of Bonn are not qualified for funding.