Apply to Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: Full tuition
Eligible Degree: All degree levels
The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship is another program on the Hungarian government, available for students residing in a Hungarian Diaspora outside the European Union. The program aims to be a part of students’ professional and personal journey as they experience Hungary’s top-level education and rich culture. Chosen scholarship recipients will have the chance to study in one of 28 prestigious institutions in the country, and will be able to choose from 1,300 non-degree and full degree programs that suit their interest. Those who are keen to take a full degree will be required to learn Hungarian during their study period and will have to pass a language test after graduation.

Students receiving this scholarship in Hungary are exempt from the payment of tuition and are qualified for health care services and medical insurance amounting to HUF 100,000 (approximately $334). A monthly stipend and accommodation contribution are also provided upon request, but the approval is dependent on the student’s academic standing and financial situation.

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