Apply to Bilateral State Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition
  • Eligible Degree: All degree levels

Bilateral State Scholarships are an agreement between two partnering countries that will be providing a scholarship to their partner nation. Each country has a designated office that manages applications and nominates potential scholars from their home country to be sent abroad— in Hungary, this is the Tempus Public Foundation. If an individual is not nominated, they may also personally send their application to the foundation.

Aside from international students, Hungary also opens this opportunity to researchers or lecturers in higher education institutions or in scientific or art institutions. The scholarship type also varies, from the partial degree, full degree, short or long-term study visits, and summer courses.

Accepted scholars will be able to study their chosen course in Hungary, free of tuition. They will also receive an additional allowance that they may use for their living expenses, with the amount dependent on the type of scholarship they are under. The stipend for this scholarship in Hungary will be paid for by the receiving institution, Tempus Public Foundation, or by the student’s country of origin.

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