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  • Scholarship Amount: Partial of full reimbursement of tuition fee
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

The Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarship is the best scholarship in Ukraine for international students. The Ukrainian government is committed to ensuring that all foreign students studying within the country receive the best possible education. As such, it has set up various scholarship programs to facilitate this mission. The scholarships and grants offered by the government, however, are limited to certain countries. Therefore, you might have to visit the official website of Ukrainian International Education Council to see if your region is eligible.

If you come from the selected countries, there is another criterion followed to determine your qualification. First, you must demonstrate that you are gifted and are capable of becoming a notable specialist in your field. You will also be considered if you have financial issues or are from one of the countries categorized as poor.

Once you pass this step, the UIEC will assess your application and academic documents to see if you meet the requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that your academic results are among the best for you to be considered. Remember, there are many prospective university students looking to grab that opportunity.

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