Apply at International Scholarships at the University of Aveiro

  • Scholarship Amount: €1,000 (approximately $1,200)
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Master’s

The University of Aveiro is a public foundation and is the largest university in Aveiro, Portugal. They are best known for their strong initiatives towards research, quality of education, and active cooperation with society and businesses in working towards being a significant contributor to innovation. UA warmly welcomes international students to join their community and have received a Certificate for Outstanding International Student Satisfaction in 2014. One of the many ways they help foreign students get through their studies is by providing merit-based scholarships to those with exceptional academic standing.

UA awards scholarships each year to eligible candidates who meet the application score requirement of equal to or more than 15 for undergraduates, and 14 for master’s students. Qualified enrollees will receive a tuition deduction of €1,000 (roughly $1,200). If students want to keep receiving this scholarship in Portugal, the continuation of the incentive will be dependent on the student’s academic standing in the previous year. Only full-time international students are entitled to the scholarship.

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