Fairfield University Scholarship

Fairfield University was established in 1942 as a private institution. It boasts a total undergraduate enrollment of 4,354 students (fall 2020), a suburban environment, and a campus that is 200 acres in size. The academic calendar is semester-based. Fairfield University is ranked #3 in Regional Universities North in the Best Colleges 2022 edition. The total cost of tuition and fees is $52,870.

Fairfield University is a Jesuit university on Connecticut’s shoreline, roughly 60 miles from New York City. Fairfield University offers more than 40 undergraduate majors and dozens of graduate programs, including the Dolan School of Business and the Nursing School. Fairfield University encourages students to participate in the arts by bringing in a variety of performers each year. Students can see dancing troupes, musical acts, magic shows, acrobatics, live radio dramas, and touring art exhibits in Fairfield’s numerous venues and theaters.

Financial Aid & Tuition at Fairfield University

The cost of tuition at Fairfield University is $52,870. Fairfield University is more expensive than the national average of $41,281 for tuition.

Tuition and fees, generally known as the sticker price, are included in these statistics. Library services, student exercise facilities, student centers, technology resources, and campus health centers may all be covered by fees, which vary by university.

Consider the overall cost as well as the net price when comparing the costs of different institutions. The entire price includes the sticker price, housing and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenditures. The entire cost at Fairfield University is $69,815. The net price is the average cost of a university after financial aid and scholarship money are deducted from the overall cost, which for a need-based student is $37,045.

Fairfield University Scholarship

Merit Scholarships at Fairfield University
Regardless of whether or not they have applied for financial help, all students admitted to Fairfield are automatically eligible for a merit scholarship. A merit scholarship applicant’s eligibility is evaluated after a thorough evaluation of all parts of their application, including their overall academic record, academic program strength, and extracurricular engagement.

There are no minimum grades or standardized test scores required for merit scholarship consideration, in keeping with the University’s holistic examination of applications. A merit scholarship, which can range from $14,000 to $26,000, is awarded to over 30% of enrolled students.

The Guarantee of the Arts and Sciences

Beginning with the Class of 2026, all College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students will be eligible for the Arts & Sciences Guarantee. The Arts & Sciences Guarantee, which grants financing of up to $2,500 to undergraduates who earn an approved unpaid internship, research, or fieldwork experience while studying at Fairfield, is designed to provide access to students who desire to receive vital hands-on industry experience.



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