The aim of education is not knowledge but action.
Herbert Spencer.

When your knowledge is a waste…..

Have you ever wondered…

oh God I know a lot of things yet I am doing so little.


I have all this knowledge, all this skills but I am always broke.

The problem with a lot of people is that we keep accumulating knowledge and skills yet we have not put into use just one of it.

Some have accumulated to an extent that your cups are now full and running over, they are now confused don’t even know which one to do.

Waste of knowledge is defined as any failure in knowledge conversion or when you are not using to full capacity your existing knowledge.

You keep jumping from one training to another yet no visible changes can be seen from the way you do things.

Of what use is the knowledge you have which no one can benefit from.

What is the essence of the knowledge you have that can’t even bring you money.

You see, I used to be in this same shoes, I had the qualifications, I kept reading and I kept acquiring more and more skills but I wasn’t putting any of it into use.

At a point I felt I was choking from to much unprocessed information. Yes.

I was like a mechanic who had learnt how to repair an automobile but had never applied the knowledge.

All I knew was theory, no application/ implementation.

One thing I have come to realize is that it is usually at this stage of application of knowledge that many have gotten to and have stopped, they have become so filled that no other thing is going in and stagnancy starts to set in.

NOTE: Knowledge itself is a state of awareness, your application of it gives you power.

The day you begin to apply what you have learnt, you begin to gain experience and doors you never thought could open would begin to open up to you.

Benjamin Franklin once said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Ask yourself, based on the level of knowledge I have acquired, how much interest have i collected?

How have people benefited from all that I know?

Knowledge is a powerful tool….

💥It makes you distinct.

💥It makes you a light to the path of others coming behind you.

💥It makes you versatile and saves you from embarrassment
💥It makes you known and sought after.

How do you then make use of the knowledge you have.

🚦Use your the knowledge you have to touch lives, to save live, to change the world.

🚦Share your knowledge,: convert it to books, audio, videos.

🚦Write articles.

🚦Convert your knowledge to digital products.

🚦Start webinar’s, start teaching people what you know.

That knowledge you have there are people out there seeking for it, there are people whose life would be changed from the accumulation of your knowledge.

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