Just wanting things to happen and not taking any actions won’t result to any reactions.


In life you meet different challenges and opportunities, but your actions or inactions will determine the reactions you get positive or negative.

Life happens we all say, but your perception will act as the lens through which you would view your reality.

Your perception could be based on your thoughts, belief and behavior. This in turn will determine the way you think or act.

What you think about yourself will determine and become your reality.

If you draw inaccurate conclusions about who you are and what you are capable of doing then you limit your potentials.

You think failure, you get failure.

You think you are not good enough, that is what you get.

There are times when it is not your talent or skill or the lack of it that is holding you back. Most times when you look inwards it is your belief system that keeps you from performing at your peak and that becomes your reality.


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