Los Angeles: US police have shot dead another black individual , who they said had a handgun yet had dropped it during a vicious quarrel in Los Angeles, setting off new shock as strains take off over bigotry and police mercilessness. The man, named in neighborhood media as 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, was riding his bike when Los Angeles County Sheriff's delegates attempted to stop him for an undefined vehicle code infringement on Monday evening. He fled by walking, and when officials found him he punched one agent in the face, dropping a few things of apparel he was conveying, police said. "The agents saw that inside the apparel things that he dropped was a dark self-loader handgun, at which time an appointee included shooting happened," Lieutenant Brandon Dean told journalists. It was not satisfactory if the man was going after the firearm when he was fired. Senior member said authorities presently couldn't seem to meet the representatives in question. "Along these lines, he didn't have the firearm in his grasp, it had just dropped to the ground, so when he was really shot, he was unarmed by then?" a columnist asked during the broadcast question and answer session. "I don't realize that," Dean answered, including later: "If this individual was going after a self-loader handgun, I would recommend ... that is likely why fatal power was utilized." The man was articulated dead at the scene. Up to 100 individuals assembled at the scene requesting equity in the hours after the shooting, as per nearby media. "What's the utilization of having the jail framework in the event that all of you are simply going to execute us," one lady told a CBS News journalist through tears. "What are all of you here for? Who are you securing?" The most recent killing came as US President Donald Trump was set out toward Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday, where police shot dark dad Jacob Blake multiple times in the back on August 23, leaving him incapacitated starting from the waist. Blake's shooting by a white official lighted new misery and fights three months after the killing of George Floyd, who choked underneath the knee of a white cop in Minneapolis in May, airing out the most across the board common distress in the US since the 1960s. The shows in Kenosha have disintegrated more than once into brutality as outfitted white vigilantes go head to head against nonconformists, coming full circle in the murdering of two individuals. A white 17-year-old Trump supporter has been captured and accused of the homicides. Wisconsin's lead representative Tony Evers has said Trump isn't welcome in Kenosha in the midst of fears the president is fanning the savagery as he moves public discussion from his treatment of the Covid pandemic to "peace" in front of the November 3 political race.

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  1. I hope the United States is not becoming a backbiter and backstabber

  2. How would a trained police man open fire on a person believed to have in his possession a firearm….from the time past,the black race has been marginalize because of the color of their skin. I hope the US president will take extreme measures concerning this tragic event.

    1. Don’t mind them, the God of the black shall fight for the black

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