This Life…

In a hospital was this woman who has been desperately searching for the fruit of the womb.

She was begging the doctor to do whatever he could to make her conceieve even if it means giving birth to an imbecile.

In that same hospital came another lady who was begging the doctor to help her evacuate the baby in her womb.

According to her, the baby’s father has refused to take responsibility and she couldn’t keep the baby.

In that same hospital came another woman who said that she was tired of having twins.

She pleaded with the doctor to make her stop having babies.

In that same hospital appeared a woman who was seriously in labour. I heard her whispering a prayer, when I got close I was surprise to hear her begging God not to give her another son, she was tired of male children. She already had 4 of them.

In that same hospital lieth a woman who was threatened by her husband not to come home with another God forsaken girl. They already had 5 girls without a boy.

And guess what…? The doctor they have been complaining and tabling all their problems to, was busy asking God for an opportunity for his wife to live one more day. She was diagnosed of cancer of the breasts.

Hmmmmm… You see eeee, this life is really complicated. One man’s prayer point is another man’s headache.

Nobody has it all in this life. No matter how rich, happy or satisfied someone may appear on the outside, there is always this personal devil they are fighting on the inside.

You are not the only one laden with challenges and problems.

You are not the only feeling inadequate, unloved or unlucky.

At the end, it is only God’s grace and mercy that surperceeds human longings, desperations and wishes.

Don’t allow anyone’s success story intimidate you. Don’t allow any man’s testimony make you think that God has forsaken you.

Do you know the great thing about God…?

He knows what you are going through right now, it doesn’t matter how long it has lasted, God will come through for you… And Guess what…? HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME!!!


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