Russian women


Which Country Have You Visited That Turned Out To Be Nothing Like How It Is Depicted?


Or as I like to call it… Land of Super Attractive Women.

Seriously, the women in Russia look like tall, slim supermodels created at a factory run by other tall, slim supermodels.

Walking around St. Petersburg was a constant reminder of how hideous I am in comparison. But there’s no time to feel sorry for yourself because the view is so nice.

I can 100% see why Western men buy Russian brides online now. Even if there was a 90% chance my mail order Russian bride was coming to Australia to stab me in my sleep and steal the tens of dollars I’ve built up in my life savings, I’d enter my credit card and hit submit.

Welcome to your new home Svetlana, I’m stunned at your beauty and the grace with which you swing that knife.

You probably know Russia is famous for attractive women though. I still prefer the Russian damsels to any other women in the world, they are far more beautiful than even Forbes description .


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