NUPENG cancels planned strike

Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, has required to be postponed its arranged cross country strike booked for Thursday, August 27, after Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, and its temporary workers consented to promptly unequivocally review the 175 laborers fired a week ago.

Review that NUPENG had Thursday a week ago gave a seven-day strike notice, requesting a review of the laborers fired through WhatsApp messages to their cell phones, bombing which individuals cross country would down apparatuses and start an inconclusive cross country strike. A succinct proclamation by the President and General Secretary of the Union, Prince Williams Akporeha, and Afolabi Olawale, clarified that the suspension was spin-off of “the prompt review and reestablishment of the terminated laborers and the on-going conversations to rapidly resolve other extraordinary issues. “In any case, NUPENG repeats that the suspension of the strike final offer is certainly not an absolute cancel yet regard to on-going conversations the Union is having with Chevron and it Contractors over all the issues in question accepting that administration will act in accordance with some basic honesty and nicely in accordance with standards of social discourse. “The authority of the Union acknowledges all applicable Government Agencies for their fast intercessions on the issues in contest.”

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  1. Why will they plan to go on strike when the country when they is know source of income anywhere no jobs to run to how will they cope.

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