My home made bread.

12 milk cups of flour,
1 tablespoon of salt,
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoon of yeast
4 table spoon of butter
1 cup warm milk
3 egg whites

Pour a cup of warm water in a bowl… Add 2 table spoon of yeast and a cup of sugar.. Leave for 5min…melt 4 table spoons of butter add half cup of milk. Add you eggs to your, mix very well then add flour to the mixture of sugar and yeast, add the mixture of butter milk.. Knead for 5min….then cut and mould… place the dough under the sun for 1or 2hours…..

For local oven
Put sand into a pot.allowed to heat… I placed my baking pan in the pot… I used a large frying pan and baking pan …….. Place into your local oven then bake

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