Extremely funny 😆jokes😀😀
1)not all women😕love money😥but some of them😏loves money 😵and few loves money😀while majority of women😀loves money😎
2)if if government 😠closes down😧beauty shops😳we are going😞to see faces😰worser than the 😏image of corona virus😀😀
3)patient: doctor my husband😒asks for sex😖all the time😠what should I do😓
Female doctor:give him😕my number😀😀
4)my brother 😆when a girl😐text you I need😒a favour 😀just log out😇very quickly 😑switch off ur data😟remove ur battery😏and chew the Sim card😀then run !!!!🏃🏃🏃🏃
5)if women😆can cheat on😒military men😳with guns 😳my brother who are😕you with a laptop bag😇😀
6)guys don’t worry😕this corona virus😀would dissapear 😟one day just like😒the person u think😇u would marry😀😀
7)no no no😠wait so 😅a man has to😞be financially stable😓to date a broke woman😬
8)I paid 200k 😕in a hotel😀just for a single night😀and u expect 😞me not to urinate😔on the bed😠is your sense paining you😁😁
9)u would ask😆a motivational 😀speaker 😒how did u 😏make it in life 😅and they would 😟tell you😌it’s quite 😖simple you 😧just need to find😟yourself
Me:was 😆i hiding 😠from myself 😇before😀😀
10)imagine when😆the dentists😁tells you😠to open your mouth😕and he spits in it😬chaii 😳i feel your pain😀😀
11)welcome to Nigeria😇where you😒can graduate 😀and stay unemployed😀till you 😆forget the course😞you studied in😩the university😀😀
12)girls if u are😆looking for a😎nice ,caring,handsome,ric­h,god fearing man😰just be patient😇
Jesus is 😜coming soon😁😁😁
Before u leave 😆i beg u😥in the name😞of god😢no forget to tell😀me the one😇wey funny pass😀😀🚶🚶

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