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  • Jacinta070

    01/01/2021 at 2:35 pm

    After a long run of many disappointing guys, this girl finally meets a guy of her dreams. They go on a date.

    The girl asks: “you are really handsome, I really look forward to give it a try. Do you mind if I ask you few questions?”

    The guy answers: “sure, what is it?”

    The girl asks: “Are you alcoholic?”

    The guy answers: “No, I am not.”

    The girl continues: “Do you do drugs?”

    The guy answers: “what? Of course not! Jesus”

    The girl fires many questions in a breath: “Do you have any anger issues? Do you like to fight? Do you have a job? Are you really single? Is there anything you are hiding?”

    The guy smiles and says: “you must have had very bad experiences! No I dont have any anger issues, I dont fight, I dont have a job, I am a businessman, yes I am single and no m’am I am not hiding anything.”

    The girl gets really happy and says: “So sorry for all questions, its just so unbelievable! I was waiting just for you!”

    The guys gives a smirk and says: “Oh sorry, there is one thing I forgot to mention”

    The girl with calm look says: “I dont think it matters but yes say”

    The guy continues: “I have a bad habit to lie”

  • Meenert Tahir

    18/01/2021 at 9:00 pm


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