Cairo: A group of specialists have figured out how to separate 6,500 Egyptian pounds (Dh1,500) from a patient's stomach at Cairo's Qasr El Eyni Hospital, Youm 7 Arabic paper detailed. The wiped out man showed up at the medical clinic's crisis office experiencing serious stomach torments and has admitted to have gulped aggregates of cash over some stretch of time. In a four-hour medical procedure, the specialists prevailing with regards to sparing the man's life who likewise experienced extreme contaminations in the mid-region and digestive organs. An aggregate of 6,500 Egyptian pounds in four moves of banknotes were taken out from the man's stomach, Dr. Abdul Rahman Mustafa, who directed the medical procedure, said. It worked out that notwithstanding the cash removed from the patient's stomach, specialists discovered different articles as well, for example, coins, 39 nails, scissors and a lighter, Dr. Mustafa included. The specialist said this was not the first occasion when they had gotten a patient who had gulped entireties of cash and other unfamiliar items. A year ago, a group of specialists in Egypt separated up to 20 tablespoons, four forks and various toothbrushes from a patient's stomach. The clinical group at Egypt's Mansoura University's Gastroenterology Center likewise figured out how to eliminate various different things from the digestion tracts of the 20-year-old patient, including adornments.

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  1. This is Medicine at its pick and best. Bravo!!

  2. Different things are happening with different situation in life pounds inside stomach nawa ooh

  3. Just the thought of removing swallowed object like spoon,coin and other object is dreadful,they are objects for Christ sake not food

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