Define your rest


‘Rest is sweet after labour’ is a popular saying we are familiar with. But when the rest is taken at the wrong time or not appropriately defined, it could lead to other things.

People took time out of their busy schedules to check on me, and asked why I stopped writing and posting articles, and I promised some of them that I would share the reasons in my first post after a long break.

Around middle of last year, I decided to take a break from writing, in order to have time to do other things, but the rest became otherwise because the break became the brake that broke my pen and stopped me from writing. I experienced three things I will love to share with us so that we can learn from my mistakes.

The three phases I underwent might not be in order with what you might have experienced, but that’s the order it took on my part.

First and foremost, I discovered that consciously or subconsciously, I started procrastinating writing things down as I got inspiration, all in the name of “I want to take a break,” and this first stage of undefined rest took hold of me till it graduated into the second phase.

Procrastination they say is a thief of time but one of my bosses will describe it as a killer of destiny, which I agree with him. This is because this stage started killing my writing assignment, and I wasn’t vigilant. I thought I was still taking some time off, not until it dumped me in the second phase.

The second phase is an advancement of the first. I discovered that I started becoming lazy to write even when there was time and idea. On neutral ground, my rest should not make me pause writing completely; instead, it should have been a time to knit words together gradually and hold on till the expected time to share them, but because it (my rest) wasn’t properly defined, I became lazy.

At this stage, anytime I wanted to write, I felt like “You’ve been writing for a while. Give it a little time up to a particular period, then start again…” and that was how ‘a little sleep, a little slumber’ took over me and I landed in the third phase.

The third and the last phase is the worst of the three. Here, I entered into a state of dormancy, and I found it difficult to muster ideas together to write actively. However, with the help of God and challenge from individuals, I made up my mind never to give up on me. So, I picked up my broken pen, and amended it, so as to do more this year.

#Note: Rest is not supposed to be a period of total work shut down, but a period to take on a task lighter. Even when you are sleeping, you are performing a task that requires lesser energy than required during your active work state. So, define your rest, as to knowing when to kickstart it and when to stop.

#WisdomLine: Rest is only sweet after labour. Define your rest and enjoy the best.