Checkout What Tinubu Said About The Killing Of Rice Farmers In Borno That Got Nigerians Talking

Negative reactions trail Tinubu after he said this about the killing of Rice Farmers in Borno.

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu – National APC Chairman

A reaction from the desk of the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the killings that recently took place in Borno State of Nigeria has attracted negative reactions from Nigerians.

The killing that occured in Borno late last week according Nigerian media claimed the lives of 43 rice farmers who went to harvest their rice in the farms. They were apprehended and murdered by armed men who laid ambush around their farms demanding for ransom.

Reacting to this, APC Chairman, Bola Tinubu has written a letter to the Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum to commend him for his spirited efforts in fighting insurgency and insecurity in the state.

In a letter where he commiserated with the Borno State Governor over the tragedy that took place in Zabarmari, he said the killings were not just callous but also a satanic action.

Partly from the letter he wrote reads, “the cold – blooded killing of these innocent citizens who were toiling to eke out a living for themselves and families and also provide food security for our nation is not only callous but also satanic. ”

He condemned the brutality against humanity by insurgents in the state despite the security provisions made by Federal government, he therefore noted that overcoming this security threat would be needing extra efforts.

However, recall that the during the case of EndSARS movement and the brutal massacre that occured at Lekki Tollgate on 20 October 2020, Tinubu had pushed strongly that nobody was killed. Him, together with the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu and other political giants in the state initially denied major incidents at Lekki Tollgate until CNN came up with their record and evidences of what happened.

It was owing to this that many people who saw what he wrote to the Borno State Governor got angered by the fact that such attention and efforts were not applied to the EndSARS protesters. They therefore questioned his concern and assured him that just as no one was killed at Lekki Tollgate (a cording to him), no one was also killed in Brono.

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The incident of Lekki massacre has become a wound in the hearts of Nigerians and it may take long to heal, if at all it will.

What is your take on this, how justifiable are these verbal attacks on such personality on social media irrespective of how people feel about him?

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