Avoid eating fish if you have medical issues.

Deep frying is a common cooking method used across the globe. Some people prefer frying of foods because It is fast and inexpensive way of preparing your meal. It is used at homes, restaurants or eateries.

Fried Fish has been a assortment in most people’s meal. There are people who wouldn’t eat any meal that doesn’t contain fish.

Despite the fact that people love fried fish, it is not good for everybody. Below are the medical conditions that deprives you from eating fried fish


1. Obesity
Fried fish are not good for obese people because it has much calories and trans fat which can lead to weight gain. When a fish is fried, it absorbs the water and converts it to fat.

2. Heart Disease
People who have a heart disease should avoid eating fried fish this is because people who eat fried fish have an increase risk of a heart disease. Research has shown that 48% of people with a heart disease was as a result eating fried foods.

3. Diabetic Patients
People associated with Type 2 diabetes should avoid eating fried fish. Research has also shown that fried fish Increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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