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Be of good attitude

Let your good deeds shine, that the whole world would see. A city on the hill can not be hidden, so is a godly character. Let the light in you…

One another

A giver never lacks. Blessed is he that gives than receives. Give without expecting anything in return. Be contended with what you have. Rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn…


Be honest even when you sound stupid and unreasonable. Do as you want it done to. Always think positive, avoid rumors. Respect your partner and be proud of him/her at…


Be safe against any harm and destruction. Live in good, clean environment. Report all suspicious movement around you. Take proper medication

You can do better

Concentrate on your future rather than your past. Take the advantage of your failure and build your future. Never give up. Always strive for a greater height!

Never give up!!!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Be stronger than yesterday be encouraged and depend on your abilities. You can do better, because you uniquely and…


Love even your enemies and pray for those that hate you. Love does not ask anything in return. Love is rather not said, but demonstrated. Love answereth all questions. Love…


A smile is a language even the babies understands. It happens at a glance, but its memory last longer. Keep on smiling, it rocks!!!


Worry is a killer disease. It doesn’t add value to ones life. We should be praying rather than worrying so that we would gain not lose(ones health) because there are…


Water is very essential for human life as it partake in the major constituent of the human body. It is necessary we know the right time to take water so…